Islands Fold: Listen to your heart

Islands Fold is an independent publisher and artist residency located on Pender Island, B.C Canada, established in 2006. Created by Luke Ramsey and Ange Conley, they have had 28 residents to date. This exhibition is a collection of works on paper from the collaborative family of Islands Fold artists and Luke. A variety of solo works will also be on display. Over forty artists are particapting, including Islands Fold residents and supporters. Over one hundred pieces will be on the walls of MOHS Exhibit. Celebrating 4 years of collaborative work on paper made during and leading up to Islands Fold’s creation.


Peter Taylor (can) - Nathaniel Russell (us) - Carol Es (us) - Other (can) - Doodles (us)

Randy Laybourne (us) - Justin B.Williams (us) - Owen Plummer (can) - Zane Kozak (us) Nic Burrows (uk) - Joanna Price (us) - Bang (ita) - Ben Jacques (can)
Ty Danylchuk (can) Howie Tsui (can) - Marco Zamora (us) - Tracy Maurice (can) Kinoko (us) - Andy Rementer (us) Alex Chiu (us) - Billy Mavreas (can)
Peter Thompson (can) - Michael DeForge (can) - Mark Price (us) - Useless Idea (ita) - Mike Perry (us) - Daniel Gonzalez (can) - A J Purdy (us) Scott Barry (us)
Dean Sullivan (us) - Timothy Karpinski (us) - Zeesy Powers (can)
Errol Richardson (can) - Ben Marcus (us) - C C Walton (can)
Maxwell Paternoster (uk) - Stephen Tompkins (us) - Jonathan Boam (uk)
Matt Moroz (can) Michael Rytz (dk) - Matteo Gualandris (ita)
Jonathan Ryan Storm (us) - Emanuel Kabu (ita) - Andrew Neyer (us)
and Luke Ramsey (can)

A J Purdy and Luke Ramsey