This show represents the end of a year of angry biting. One year ago I had an exhibition in Mexico City. I created the entire show in one month and was quite proud of it in the end. That month of manic working however, took it's toll on me and somehow I haven't been able to fully recover from it in my mind. The year that followed has been an angry, messy, emotional one. During the creation of this exhibition I came into the idea that it would be the end of that period and upon it's completion I realized that it was so. Many of the images are an exploration of that frantic resentful year. Devils, bees and a repetition of anatomical illustration represent some of these more personal aspects.

Larger cultural forces are also present in the work with images of gods and goddesses originating from different religions as well as money, automobiles and petroleum.

This show brings to a close my stupidest year yet.