Group show: STILL HERE NOW

Still Here Now is a celebration of being true to oneself and to the people surrounding you. At the same time it shows a manifestation of the artists’ collaboration and friendship.

The title of the exhibition is based on Ram Dass’ book Be Here Now, a book about finding oneself through a mindful awareness of the spiritual side of life. The group of artists participating in Still Here Now used the book’s original name as the title of the first group show out of the many they’ve had together. As the book had a strong impact on the artists, it was decided to follow up on both the book and the first group show.

Tim Diet / Soner Ön / Kevin Lips / Peter Paquin / Daniel Albrigo / Chris Yormick / Kiji McCafferty / Ryan Travis Christian / Jeremiah Mandel / Sam Friedman / Fernando Lions / Joey Whiteley / The Bare-Man / Nick Atkins / Chip7