Troy Lovegates / Other: SHALLOW LAKE

Troy lovegates is a nomadic folk artist that paints stories of way finders and lost stories told around bonfires ..This art show is a compilation of paintings made over a grumpy grey winter in Toronto , turbulent drawings during cross America train excursions, night buses to Detroit and chicago, and a geriatric transatlantic 14 day cruise .... As reference material numerous homeless people's souls were captured in alleyways or sleeping on park benches in buenos aires ,Bucharest , Berlin , Barcelona and any other cities you can think of that start with a B ... The old wood and frames were scavenged in abandoned buildings during long winter walks or longer summer bike rides ... All this is really just a storyline and composition of wandering and exploring outdoors...dragged inside and fancied up to be gazed upon.. Enjoy

Photos by Henrik Haven and MOHS