FORCE OF NATURE: The Witch Makes A Weird Potion And Laughs Out Loud

In the exhibition “FORCE OF NATURE: The Witch Makes A Weird Potion And Laughs Out Loud” Jan S. Hansen present new paintings, drawings, collages, sculptures and video. The show title serves the idea of the witches concoctions of secret behind-the-scene-knowledge-of-nature, to the similarities of that of the hotch potch mixture... of the artist, implied with both intrigueing and humoristic observance, as he grabs a hold of old beliefs and superstitions, and the evolution that our common views has undergone since the middleages, when the term of a “witch” came to be known. What was once believed to be a factual truth proposed by the church, has since been deemed a dark time for humanity. With this as starting point, questions arise, such as, will our contemporary belief not change as well then? What is the truth and what is the common good and evil? What is the value of nature, and can our present state of mind be subject to change in this direction? The works in the exhibiton takes off on these premisses, but loosely and openly flows through such eclectic subjects as Niels Hansen Jacobsen´s statue “Troll, who scents Christian blood”, boyscouts, the origin of time, psycedelic backdoors, danish witch Dannie Druehyld, the filter of cartoons, prostitution, power abuse, the accusations of the woman as man´s ruin, coal and diamond mining vs. digging holes for no reason. All tied together by the symbol of the circle, a basic and primordial force manifested around the globe in many cultures, but also taken from the 1968 documentary film “Powers of Ten” by Ray and Charles Eames, in which a zoom effect goes back and forth between the outer limits of our observable universe, down to the smallest carbon atom visibly possible, with repeated circle images turning up, in both the largest and the smallest structures known to mankind; adopted to appear in the works of the show. Altogether suggesting the circular nature of the world, and the effects of gaining perspective in life. By aligning with the witch, the artist presents the idea of reestablishing a bond with the workings and patterns of Earth and beyond and the gesture of stepping back to reconnect with this force of nature.

Jan S. Hansen (1980, Denmark) graduated with a MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in the summer of 2010, receiving the Blix award, and has been showing in both Denmark and abroad, latest at IMO in Copenhagen, by which he is represented, though returning to old friend MOHS exhibit for a new show. The work of Jan S. Hansen is a clash of ideas and visuals merging with fragmented poetry; anthropologic and personal, as well as exploring yet recognizable. The off-beat humor and open riddleing writings invites the viewer to take part of the work through own interpretation, as it leaves the trails of definite meaning, though setting the stage for the various main topics that makes up the kaleidoscopic effort of the work