Mathias Malling Mortensen: Happy Birthday

Mathias Malling Mortensen have made a show, dealing the rituals concerning Birthday.

Our expectations are being treated, what is birthday and the dilemmas, of being celebrated. We love to celebrate others, but do we like to be in center? On the big day the façade is set – Everything is fine. But behind The façade, lies loneliness and the unsecured, often cause by disappointment from being letdown by others, the ones to count on.

The show consist paintings and a video-piece made in corporation with Morten Bencke and Rune Brink Hansen.

Matthias started his artificial work with Rune Brink Hansen and Christian Zander, together they created Bottega Areté, four years ago. They work within visuals, identity, music videos and multimedial art projects. Mathias has parallel painted and drawn on everything from murals, illustration to his paintings.