There was the sound of sizzles and the ground under my feet became very hot. This lasted for several minutes till my shoes melted to the asphalt. The sizzle sounds quickly turned to crackles. The crackles suddenly became a POP! I went deaf. The landscape turned to white wash and nothing moved anymore. All I could make out was odd shapes of intense colors in the distance, but these shapes and colors didn’t make any sense to me and my breath was week. A violent rumble shook all around me and the ground cracked in 100 directions and I was worried I was gonna slip through these cracks and disappear forever. Just then the earth rose from beneath me, thrusting its mighty interior high up in the air with me perched on top, I don’t know how fast the earth was rising, but it felt like a million miles per hour. I blacked out. I don’t know how much time passed either and I was very exhausted. I could hardly see. Debris circled around me and back in forth as if it couldn’t decide if it was a tornado or a hurricane. It was very scary, and very loud at this moment. Then, in the matter of seconds it all stopped. Quite! Nothing was happening. I realized I was looking down from a distance I couldn’t know or understand. Then white washed over every thing again and a calm quickly set in. Those odd colors and shapes I couldn’t understand from before suddenly made sense as trees and rivers sprouted and flowed from below. I could hear chatter and I wanted to investigate. My ears were still ringing from the pop that set all this in motion, but I had to climb down from were ever I was and investigate,. I was dizzy. It seemed like it took days to climb down from there. The landscape was totally different now. Everything was so brightly colored and had a magical feel to it. I couldn’t understand any of this. Where did all the old grubby, dingy buildings go? I guess they must have slipped though those same cracks I was worried about, cause there completely gone, replaced with new ones. Pretty buildings with multicolored windows shaped like diamonds. There was words saying “sunset”, “AHAHAHAHA”, “mayday mayday!” and “POOP!” floating down from the sky!!! Ghosts were floating up into the sky as though they were being raptured. Suddenly from out of no where a skeleton walked up to me and calmly said, “Im not dead”. Then it just walked away. I tried to break up a fight between Godzilla and Donkey Kong, but it seemed futile. All this knew information seemed to be too much for me to handle. Part of me wanted out, but I wasn’t ready to leave this new landscape. There was so much to explore in this tribal cartoon, that felt like the beginning of a new world. I got tired though. This was a lot to take in one day. I needed a nap. I promised myself though, whether or not this new landscape was some kind of accident, I would still make it to the Sunset Bora Bora!
Written by Kottie Paloma in Brooklyn, New York July, 20th, 2010